Review of Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

Yes, I know that this is book 3, but I just read this one, so I am writing this while it’s fresh. Percy is not one of my favorite protagonists, but Rick Riordan really brings him to life. As a son of Poseidon, he was never supposed to have been born. His father had signed a treaty with Zeus and Hades not to have any more children with mortal women. Zeus had already broken the oath when he sired Thalia, who eventually got turned into a tree to keep from being killed. She was pulled out of the tree in the last book… but you should probably just read that one. Anyway, Percy finds himself on a quest, yet again. The only drawback I find in this book is at the end. I’m not sure if anyone else thinks like this and I’m going to try not to give anything away, but I really don’t like Mr. Blowfish and when his mom tells him to go after *bleep*. (Bleeped out so you can’t know ending.) Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I’m really beginning to like Percy as a character. Can’t wait to read next book.

5 Fangs

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